Thursday, April 21, 2011

Semana Santa en Guatemala

Semana Santa, Holy Week, is taking place right now in my beloved old home of two years. I found old photos of my family's trip to Lake Atitlan in '95. We went on a week-long mission to the Lake with the Pan Divers organization to help clean up the pollution in the water and all over the surrounding areas.

My brother and I in our Pan Divers tees

The religious festivities there are well known for their remarkable carpets made of dyed sawdust, alfombras de aserrí­n, which are created on the streets along processional routes. They are offered as a sacrifice for the holy processions that will tread on and destroy these fantastic creations. Once a procession has gone by, the remains are cleaned and almost immediately residents may begin to build yet another carpet in anticipation of the next procession. It is amazing to watch the collective creative effort and dedication of a community in making something so beautiful yet so temporary.

Chichicastenango market with Doña Nora & locals

BBQ in our backyard with family & friends, me in blue ;)

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